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Sigma CEO is considering to develop compact FE prime lenses!


Image courtesy: Ming Thein (original file on Flickr).

Premise: Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki  is a person I highly respect for his very personal approach on photography. Unlike so many CEO’s out there he is a visionary and a dreamer. Something we deeply miss in our current business culture :(

Ming Thein interviewed Mr. Kazuto Yamaki during his visit in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a very interesting article I invite you to read. There is also a small hint about what could be the first Sigma lenses for the Sony FE system:

A fast FF lens or lens of a certain resolving power is still going to be a certain size regardless of flange distance. Though they are looking into Sony FF lenses, there may be compromises made for size/resolving power/cost reasons – similar to the f2.8 M4/3 and APSC lenses they have made previously.

The current Sony/Zeiss lens line up is very pricey. I certainly would like to get some nice cheap but also good quality f/2.8 prime lenses!

Question to SAR readers: Let’s say Sigma would launch a range of 24mm 35mm 50mm 85mm f/2.8 FE lenses…

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