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Sigma confirms first natively designed Full Frame lenses for mirrorless will be announced within 2019


Sigma CEO Yamaki had a chat with Imaging Resource. And he made it very clear that “brand-new lens designed for the short flange-back system should be available some time this year.” What’s also clear from this interview is that these lenses will be designed for the 20mm flange distance of the L-mount and than simply modified to fit the flange distance of Sony E-mount too

Few more info:

About the Sigma FE lens sales:
…”Surprisingly good. They like the optical performance of those lenses. It’s better than I expected. But there also are some people waiting for the lens design for the short flange-back, so we are also working on it

Market is shrinking.
Yamaki believes the market will shrink further: “Maybe [down] 20 to 25% from now, that’s my guess.

DSLR vs Mirrorless:
…”the market is changing from DSLR to mirrorless much quicker than I thought.“…..”Eventually, I think the majority of interchangeable-lens cameras will be mirrorless.

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