Sigma China Weibo says they will announce “many” new FE lenses in one month


On Weibo Sigma confirmed they will launch many new products at the CP+ show (starts March 1 but product announcements are in late February). And they also spilled the beans on what’s coming. A follower asked Sigma if there will be a new 35mm FE at Cp+ and Sigma’s official answer is “not only this one“.

UPDATE: Sigma China now remove the post on Weibo after we reported it here on SAR. Good sign that we found something that is probably correct :)

Their comment matches our previous rumors from solid sources that Sigma is ready to launch a bunch of newly designed ART lenses for the Sony FE system. One of them should be the 35mm f/1.4 FE.

And from China I also got this image. Don’t know yet if that is going to be an official Sigma teaser or not: