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Sigma says they have no plan to make FE lenses yet (but it could change in future).


Image of one of their current APS-C 19mm E-mount lens.

Plenty of A7 camera owners hope to see Sigma make a proper E-mount version of the superb 50mm A-mount lens you can preorder Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Adorama (Click here), WexUK (Click here) and WexDe (Click here). But I have some bad news:

A SAR reader contacted Paul Pizzano (Manager from Sigma) and he told him that there is not plan to make Full Frame E-mount lenses yet:

“Maybe one day but it would take a much larger commitment on the part of Sony. A full Line of cameras and lenses with the FE mount, as well as the conversion of their NEX line to the FE mount. At the moment it is a very limited line and we are unable to invest in it when the parent company Sony seems reluctant to do so.”

IN short, Sigma will wait to see if the Full Frame E-mount will become popular or not…

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