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Smart Remote Control for the NEX 5R, 5T, and 6 gets updated


Sony just released an update for the Smart Remote Control APP (it’s an in NEX camera APP update!). There are many improvements:

•Added the following setting capabilities and made the app more useful for macro and portrait shooting.
•Added touch AF capability from smartphones and tablets for more intuitive operation.
•Able to change values for EV compensation as well as for the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance. Perfect for people who are particular about their shots.
•Supports MF Assist,*1 a useful function when focusing manually. The larger monitor on a tablet or smartphone makes it easier to fine-tune the focus than on the camera’s monitor, which is a great help for macro and portrait shots.
• You can check the focus of your shot immediately on your smartphone or tablet by magnifying the recorded image.

Sounds great if you own one of the supported NEX cameras!

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