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Some A99 and A77 picture comparisons. A99 has no built-in Flash!


Rumor update: There was a small important error in the A99 specs transcription I posted yesterday. There is no built-in flash in the A99!

SAR readers sent me some very useful image comparison between the A99 and the A77 and A900. The image on top is from Chad (Click on it to enlarge the picture).
Rob sent me this:  “Put together a size comparison of the a99+a77, as is obvious, the a99 is wider at the left hand side of the camera, and taller too ;D Sweet!
Ren sent me this: “Here is a link to an overlay I did of the a99 and a77 for size comparison. Thought you might want to share.!i=2074631963&k=XDRJp9z”
Thank you all guys!

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