Some additional thoughts about the adapter….


As I told you the adapter rumor would be a relatively “small rumor”. Nothing one can really get excited about when you read the article for the very first time. But I strongly believe the rumor is revolutionary because of one main reason: I do believe that in a couple of years Sony will make mirrorless cameras only. And I do believe that’s the reason why Sony will announce that adapter. If I am right than in a few yours you will look back at that rumor and recognize that the adapter was the first step of the merging of the two systems Mirrorless and DSLR/SLT.

Going further I do also believe Sony is working on modular cameras. Camera you can transform in size and aspect, cameras where you can change the sensor, cameras you can upgrade not only via software but also via hardware. It will definitely take some time before those ideas will get in production and some time before they become “mature”.

I bet this is what’s coming from Sony, and the adapter is the very first small anticiaption of that future!

P.S.: Sorry for my usual baby-english language ;)