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Sony: “2016 will be more impressive than 2015”. And they will not give up A-mount: “It is a promise to our customers”


Focus Numerique (google translation here) interviewed Sony manager Mr. Yutaka Iwatsuki. Here are some insights he released to the French magazine:

  1. How he sees the future of photography:
    Still and Video world will continue to get closer. And Sony will continue to improve dynamic range and High ISO performance.
  2. Touchscreen:
    It’s yet not Sony’s priority to add touch screen. Sony wants to improve other “areas” first.
  3. Why the A6300 has no on sensor stabilization:
    Sony wanted to make the A6300 as compact as it gets. And on sensor stabilization would have made the body bigger.
  4. About 2016:
    The A7rII was the highlight of 2015. And Yutuka adds: “but 2016 will be even more impressive!
  5. A-mount future:
    Yutuka says there are two reason to keep A-mount:
    The first is that the A-mount has certain advantages over the E mount and, for now, we can not have all the same functionalities between A and E mount.
    The second reason is that they “we have many customers that we can not give up.
    It is a promise to our customers.

We take a not that he made a very clear and strong statement in favour of A-mount. I cannot think of Sony to disappoint the A-mount folks now! :)

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