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Sony 400mm f/2.8 GM lens test by Gustav Kiburg


The Dutch photographer Gustav Kiburg tested the new Sony 400mm f/2.8 FE GM lens (preorder at [shopcountry 73492]. You can download a full set on those Wetransfer links: We1 and We2. Gustav writes:

My first hours with the new Sony 400mm 2.8 GM Yesterday i had the chance to try this new beast , the new 400mm 2.8 GM and the Sony A9 are built for speed. So i had the idea , to go to the greyhound race track , to try this combination. The dogs are so fast , the 400mm and the A9 had no problems with it, its a very light combination , and its superfast , all picture,s are taken at F2.8

tekst serie two (we2 files)….. LOCK ON tracking Sony 400mm 2.8 GM + A9 superb…. I tried the AF lock on with the NEW 400mm 2.8 GM with the A9 , and i can really say its superb the dogs go really fast , before you now it , they past you , they run 350 meters in 20 seconds If you look to the dogs , i lock on the black dog , and it follows and stay with the black dog, on the end the white dog is in front of the black dog ,but it stays on the black dog , even you see a tiny piece of the black dog .

To see these images in highe resolution download them here: We1 and We2.

Here is a video about this test (in dutch)

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