Sony A55/A33/A560/A580 news roundup (+ preorder news)


There have been so many news that I thought I should make a “resumee” of all recent news about the new Sony cameras

1) A full list of press releases, reviews and image samples are available here “New Sony cameras announced!” and here “more reviews

2) Videos taken with the new cameras are available here “First video taken with the Sony A55!!! + more videos!” here “More new Translucent videos!” and here “Hear the Sony A55 shutter sound!


BHphoto has the Sony Zeiss 24mm f/2.0 (click here!), the Sony DT 35mm f/1.8 SAM Lens (click here), the Sony 85mm f/2.8 SAM Mid-range Telephoto Lens (click here!), the Sony A55 on BHphoto, Sony A33 on BHphoto and the Sony A560 on BHphoto

As you know every Country has a different Sonystyle shop. I can’t link to every product from every country. Just search for Sonystyle on google and you should find the right store address for you (click here).

For UK: Jessops has the cameras available for preorder