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Sony A77 or Sony A800 or something else? What will be the final name?


That waiting for the A77 is killing you and me! The very latest not so useful info I did receive was that Sony is now approving the REAL final name of the upcoming pro APS-C model. Since months we named the camera A77 but there could be still a surprise and Sony could name it differently (what about Sony A800?). On eBay there are already many stores placing there bet on the final name:
We get 9 results when we search for the [shoplink 5687]A77 (Click here to see the search list)[/shoplink] and we get 48 items when we search for the [shoplink 5686]A800 (Click here)[/shoplink].

The A800 name clearly reminds us that it is the [shoplink 3228]Sony A700 successor[/shoplink]. The A77 would  focus the attention on the translucent technology reminding us that this is the top model of the current [shoplink 3620]A33[/shoplink] and [shoplink 3617]A55[/shoplink] cameras.

What's the best new high end camera announced at the Photokina 2016?

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