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Sony A7r for $1860 at Adorama (with trade-in, gift card and 4% reward). Runs on A7 and kits too!


There is a huge brand new deal on Sony A7 and A7r cameras at Adorama (Click here).You get 4% reward on all cameras and kits, free $50 gift card and up to $300 off on any traded in camera.

How it works (text via Adorama):

Purchase a new Sony A7, A7 kit or A7R from the list in that Adorama link (Click here) now and receive $300 instant trade-in credit + $50 Gift card and 4% Adorama rewards even before you send your old camera to Adorama.
Our Used department then evaluates your old camera that you wish to trade and gives you a quote. Once evaluated, you would receive the full credit for your old camera on top of the $300 instant trade-in credit!
Program ends 03/31/2014

This is how it works if you for example buy the A7r:

1) 4% reward on $2298 means you get $91 back to spend at Adorama store
2) You get a $50 gift card
3) $300 for any camera you trade in

In short: you pay the A7r around $1860 only!

And don’t forget all these other great Sony US deals:

Sony A99:
A99 with a free(!) grip for $2299 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Sony Store (Click bere). (now Rakuten) is selling the Sony A99 for $1,899.99 only. The offer runs out of time within the next couple of hours.

Sony A7 and A7r:
A7-A7r up to $650 savings are still running at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Sony Store (Click bere).
You can trade it any camera you have (also a $10 cheap used compact) and get a $300 credit for the A7 or A7r purchase at Focuscamera (Click here) , Adorama (Click here) or BHphoto (Click here).

Sony RX10 and RX100II:
Save $240 on Select Accessories with the Purchase of the Sony RX10 Digital Camera at Amazon and SonyStore.
Save up to $550 on Select Sony Accessories with Sony RX1 Series Camera Purchase at Amazon.

“Old” NEX series:
Sony NEX-7 with two lenses and extras for $899 (substract the $100 gift card) at BHphoto (Click here).
NEX-3n with kit lens is again back in Stock for $299 only at Amazon US (Click here).

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