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RUMOR: Sony A7sIII has 15 stops dynamic range, 16bit RAW output and 600mbps bitrate, 160 base ISO with S-LOG3


Three additions to the currently known specs:

600mbps bitrate
16bit RAW output
Sony claims 15 stops dynamic range
iso is still the same as previous a7s2 –  409600
Base ISO for slog 3 is 160 instead of 1600 (As7II) on the pre-production unit.

I keep receiving bits of info from different sources. Not all info may be 100% accurate because most of the sources saw prototypes and maybe they missed some parts or Sony might not have enabled the full features.
Also: I have been told Sony uses a new passive cooling system. But I sill got no confirmation if this means there is no active vent at all (it may be that it has a vent for extreme conditions only?).

Rumored A7sIII specs recap

  • New 12MP sensor with fast readout
  • records FHD 240fps, 4k120fps 10bit 4:2:2 and 4K120fps raw over HDMI
  • 600mbps bitrate
  • Base ISO 160 for S-LOG3
  • Max ISO 409600 (video)
  • 16bit RAW output
  • Sony claims 15 stops dynamic range
  • world’s highest resolution new 9.44 million dot EVF (QXGA resolution)
  • new kind of passive (noise free) cooling system
  • no overheating, no recording time limits
  • UHSII card support
  • Looks pretty similar to a Sony A7rIV.
  • fully articulating screen like the one used by the Sony ZV-1.
  • announcement late July
  • shipment start mid August

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