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(SR5) New PRO Full Frame A9 E-mount camera is placed above the A7 series.


Fake A9r rendering at SonyAlphaForum (post your dream A9 renderings there!).

One more thing about the new E-mount PRO FF camera coming in late January or early February. I have been told by trusted sources this camera will not be a A7/s/r replacement! It will be the first of a new line. The sources didn’t share the name of the camera but it’s highly likely this camera will be named “Sony A9“.
The camera will cost more than the current A7 models. I also have been told the Sony A7s will also see a first smaller price drop before the A9 announcement.

Specs of the A9 are not known yet but it has the fastest AF of any Sony mirrorless camera yet (more advanced than the one used by the A6000). Sony will also NOT re-use the 36MP (A7r) or 24MP (A7 and A99) sensor. Trusted sources told me the sensor is brand new.

Stay tuned on SAR, we have an exciting time ahead!

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