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Sony A9II analysis by Jim Kasson: The camera is much less of a star eater than the A7rIV


Sony A9II at BHphoto. Adorama. Amazon. FocusCamera. BuyDig. Calumet DE. WexUK. ParkCameras.

Jim Kasson is thoroughly testing the A9II. Here are the links to his different tests. One special mention goes to the Sony a9II “star-eating” test (Jim Kasson):

The Sony “star-eater” digital signal processing doesn’t start until the shutter speed is 20 seconds or longer, which is quite an improvement over the a7RIV.

Sony a9II EDR (Jim Kasson).
Sony a9II dark-field spectra (Jim Kasson).
Sony a9II fixed-pattern read noise — short exposures (Jim Kasson)
Sony a9II fixed-pattern read noise — long exposures (Jim Kasson).
Sony a9II precision (Jim Kasson).

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