Sony financial news roundup (E-mount sales increased!)


The financial result of the Sony Imaging business

Sony issued the latest financial report and you can read more about it at Bloomberg. And Bloomberg’s title says it all “Sony’s Hirai Sells Property Instead of TVs as Revival Stalls”. The TV business is still the main problem of Sony but also the other businesses aren’t doing well. That’s why Sony is selling some of their buildings to make some cash. While this may help for a short time they really need to change their product strategy to succeed in the long term.

Talking about the camera business. You can read more about that business under the “Imaging Products & Solutions (IP&S)” section on that pdf (download here): “Sales decreased 4.7% year-on-year (a 9% decrease on a constant currency basis) to 180.5 billion yen (2,075 million U.S. dollars). This decrease was primarily due to a significant decrease in unit sales of compact digital cameras reflecting a contraction of the low-end of the market resulting from the popularization of smartphones as well as a significant decrease in sales of broadcast- and professional-use products. Sales of interchangeable single-lens cameras increased significantly year-on-year.

You will see form those three lines how important the NEX system is for Sony and why Sony decided to push the NEX-FF development instead of releasing another SLT-FF yet.

P.S.: Sony to Focus on Image Sensors (Image Sensor World).