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Sony has announced the RP competitor for $998 and with IBIS…back in 2014 :)


Today’s new Canon RP camera is making big headlines because it costs just $1299. The hype is big on the Internet and it’s time to make a step back and cool down. Is the RP really a game changer? Sonymirrorlessspro pointed out that Sony has a better option to offer: The Sony A7II currently sells for even less money (Amazon) and has specs that still beat the Canon:

– First of all the 2014 Sony A7II sensor is still better than the one used by the new Canon RP
– The A7II camera has in body stabilization
– Video quality is way better too (yes the Canon has 4K but it sucks becuase of crop mode, rolling shutter and no PDAF)

Of course the Canon can strike some advantages too (better AF ins stills mode and Vari Angle LCD). But as a whole the Sony A7II still tops the new Canon ESO-RP in terms of price-performance balance.

Sonymirrorlesspro writes:

It took Canon 8 years to almost match a spec Sony released 5 years ago. Again, I completely understand brand loyalty and the complexities of switching, but as a photographer who’s heard all the reasons to not shoot with mirrorless and red herrings like “color science,” I say Sony’s competition has not yet stepped up.

Not even close.

Don’t get me wrong, the Canon EOS-RP is a good camera and probably a better choice than their first EOS-R. I do think Canon marketing made a good strike on this one. But at the end of the day not the headlines…but the footnotes matter :)

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