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Sony interview at Optyczne: New A-mount and APS-C E-mount products are being developed


The Polish site (google translation here) interviewed Masaaki Oshima and Yann Salmon-Legagneur from Sony.

Here are a couple of interesting info:

1) Astro-tracer function (known from the Pentax K-3 II):
Sony says they are currently investigating how to apply it in future products.

2) Touchscreen:
Once Sony has reached a high level of quality of the touchscreen technology they will implement it on high end cameras too (The A5100 is already touchscreen).

3) RX with APS-C sensor:
There is yet no plan to make a RX camera with ASP-C sensor.

4) A6000 successor:
Sony said they are continuing to develop APS-C cameras. They cant of course comment about a possible release date of the A6xxx.

5) A-mount:
Just like APS-C E-mount also A-mount is being developed.

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