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Sony interview at Imaging Resource: Says wide angle FE lenses are priority


Imaging Resource interviewed Yasuyuki Nagata and Takashi Kondo from Sony. Most of the talk is about the new Sony 100mm STF lens. But Imaging Resource also tried to squeeze out some info about the future Sony lens strategy. They didn’t get much:

  1. About a new wide angle zoom: “There are a lot of professionals that [are asking for] a telephoto or wide-zoom [lens], but at this moment, maybe most of our professionals are basically [shooting] portraits.
  2. About future lens development: “I cannot comment about future development products, but honestly speaking the landscape photographer is increasing [in Sony’s customer base].
  3. APS-C people want a longer lens? “That’s why we’ve established the new 18-110mm f/4 lens to record movies.

Summa Summarum: Wide angle lenses are high on the priority list because more and more landscape photographers are using Sony’s high-resolution cameras. While APS-C E-mount cameras need zooms and video optimized lenses.

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