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Sony interview: Megapixel will keep increasing. Medium format is a possibility if there is a demand for it.


[shoplink 25383 ebay][/shoplink]

Image of a [shoplink 25383 ebay]Mamiya 7 (here on eBay)[/shoplink] from Roma Nikolaev.

The Russian magazine Prophotos interviewed Sony engineers. I mention a couple of points:

  1. Sony says Megapixel number will keep increasing on future cameras.
  2. The Sony A6300 has no IBIS because Sony preferred to keep the size as compact as it gets.
  3. Sony confirms the plan to keep the A-mount well alive
  4. About going medium format: “It is a matter of the future. It is difficult to say now. We analyze the demand.

Over a year ago there were some first wild rumors about Sony considering making a [shoplink 25383 ebay]Mamiya 7 alike[/shoplink] digital mirrorless system camera. But I think Sony’s priority now is on FF E-mount. And I hope they will find the resources to bring some excitement on the A-mount system before to move on any other possible medium format project…

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