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Sony is already accepting 30mm macro preorders in France!


The 30mm macro f/3.5 will be announced on Wednesday but it seems that Sony France didn’t wait for the presentation and is already accepting preorders on the lens! Check here: French Sony is a bit in hurry lol? This is the fourth lens ever made for the NEX system. I expect the next lenses to be announced in July (one of them should be the 24mm f/1.7 and maybe the 55-200mm zoom).

UPDATE (Wyldrage translated the french text…Thanks!). Those are the specs:

– Macro lens for large detailed photos of small subjects.
– Compact and light macro lens offering a superb image quality.
– Ideal for large photos of flowers, insects or any other small-size subjects and for a non-macro daily usage.
– 1:1 magnification ratio for large photos in full screen, with small subjects photographed in their real size by the camera’s sensor.
– Minimal distance of just 2.4cm between the front of the lens and the subject, and minimal focusing distance of 9.5cm [AF?] – Quality lens optics with aspherical and glass ED elements for an exceptional sharpness and clarity with all apertures and focus points.
– Linear focusing system for a fluid, silent and fast focus while recording HD videos.
– The internal focusing mecanism maintains a constant distance between the front of the lens and the subject.
-Compact and elegant design with a refined metal finish to integrate with the camera’s body.
– Includes lens hood (allows fixing optional filters).

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