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Sony madness: Also Pentax 645Z with Sony sensor will go at crazy high ISO (204,800) and has 4K “Interval” mode.


Short rumor about the new Pentax 645Z camera that should feature the new Sony 51MP medium format sensor. Digicameinfo leaked the images of the camera and also the specs. And Phototumors reports that it will cost $8500.

So this will be the cheapest Medium Format camera on the market with a Sony 51MP sensor that goes up to 204,800 ISO, does a sort of 4K in interval mode (???). As you know there are rumors saying Sony will do a sort of digital mirrorless [shoplink 25383 ebay]Mamiya 7 (here on eBay) camera[/shoplink]. And it should be cheaper than the Pentax. If it becomes true this will be an amazingly interesting camera!

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