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It finally did happen in Korea: Sony sells more system cameras than Canon :)


Sony shares climbing during the last three months (December-January-February). Image source: Blog Naver.

Sony’s dream to overturn Canon on the system camera market became truth in one country: South Korea! In February Sony beat Canon by a margin of 0.1% only and now owns 33,163% of the overall system camera market in Korea. The reason hwy this happens is easy: Asian countries are shifting towards mirrorless system cameras while Europe and North American stills tick to DSLR systems. In Q4 of 2013 the mirrorless sales iN Korea climbed up to 58% of the system camera market (DSLR drops to 42%).

Sony now has to focus on “Western countries” to repeat the success they have in Asia.

Source: Blog Naver. Thanks S. Park for sending this :)

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