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Sony A7sIII is maybe “coming soon” and that it will keep the same “identity”.


The A7sIII book is still listed on Amazon Germany :)

Emmanuel Pampuri posted his french interview Sony. A couple of highlights:

– Fs series suffer from the success of A7 series (30% of the pro market)S
– They can’t implement 10bits 4k in FS5II because this needs to much power consumption, it is not a marketing choice.A
– 10 bits 4k will be for the next FS generation R
– A7sIII is “maybe” coming soon, but it’s the most hiden secret, even in internal Sony teams
– A7sIII will keep the same “identity”: low resolution sensor and extreme low light capabilities. Usuable High ISO are more important than oversampling.

Here ios the full interview:

Thanks Antoine for the translation!

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