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Sony patent discloses groundbreaking per pixel exposure sensor!



If Sony is going to make this for real it will change the way we used to take photo! What you see here is a Sony sensor that can change the shutter time of each single pixel on a sensor! It means areas of the sensor gathering more light will have a short exposure time and darker areas will get a longer exposure!

Unlike HDR shots where you take multiple and in time separated pictures on the new Sony sensor all this happens simultaneously:



You will no more have to struggle with extreme highlights or too dark areas. Everything on the image will get the exact light that is needed. There may be one single limit on that. If you take a picture of a fast moving object the image can result in a mess. But Sony is working on that too with the implementation of a special HDR Blending/Blur correcting unit:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-03 um 15.39.29

Of course this sensor would work perfectly fine for sports photographer too if they turn off the asynchronous per pixel shutter option. Really smart from Sony!

Full PDF file of the patent at SonyAlphaForum.

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