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Sony press conference on January 6, 2014 (But don’t expect A-mount camera news yet).


There will be three big shows the first months of 2014. The CES show in January, the CP+ show in February and the NAB Las Vegas show in April. Androidauthority reports that Sony has scheduled a press conference on January 6. But I think the chances are extremely low that Sony will announce any new A-mount camera on that day. From what I heard the timeframe for the next A and E-mount camera announcement is February-April (with 4K A-mount to be shown at NAB in April).

As I told you before we can expect new APS-C and FF A-mount cameras to be released. And so new APS-C E-mount cameras (including the NEX-7 successor). What Sony could announce on January 6 are a couple of compact cameras.

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