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Sony RX0II registration confirmed at FCCID


The FCCID registered a new Sony camera and as you can see from the image on top it has the exact same dimension as the current RX0. We have no specs for this camera but it confirms the validity of Nokishita rumors. Which means Sony will at least announce two new cameras within June:

– Sony RX0II
– New E-Mount mirrorless

No info about the specs of any of the two. But what’s also dead sure is that Sony will announce new E-mount lenses within June. So let’s recap:

SR5: New RXoII
SR5: New E-mount mirrorless camera within June
SR5: New E-mount lenses around February

The info on top should be 99% reliable. Some 75% reliable rumors follow as next:

SR4: No A7sIII launch within June. New E-mount camera could be a new APS-C E-mount or something else…
SR4: New 135mm f/1.8 GM and new APS-C lenses to be launched soon (probably first of them will be announced in 2-3 weeks)

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