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Sony RX10 in Stock in USA/Canada. New reviews roundup!


EOSHD Sony Shootout Part 1 – RX10, A7R, FS100, RX1 from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

For the first time the new Sony RX10 superzoom camera is marked as in Stock at Amazon US (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Henrys (Click here). And we also have new reviews to link to:

EosHD posted that comparison video you see on top. And he writes:

The RX10 is really impressing me. Considering the sensor is stuffed full of megapixels (20MP) it has a very clean image. Obviously that full pixel readout is really helping. The RX10 handles beautifully. The lens just feels fantastic. Never used such a nice aperture ring before on a fixed lens camera. In stepless mode it’s smooth and ultra precice.

There is also one full new review at ePhotozine:

The RX10 feels extremely well built, with a solid body and ample rubber grip, making it feel comfortable to hold in hand. The large number of manual controls on the camera, such as aperture and exposure compensation makes the camera feel like a real camera, rather than just an electronic gadget, and the build quality and large high quality lens goes a long way to justify the price of the camera.

UPDATE: A little italian story with the RX10 at Cinema5D.

P.S: One more Review at DigitalcameraHQ.

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