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Sony RX10III review by Dpreview: “best all-around bridge camera on the market”



Dpreview posted the full RX10III review:

“Compared to its peers, the RX10 III is the best all-around bridge camera on the market. The 1″-type stacked CMOS sensor offers the same (that is, very good) performance as its predecessor, while the new lens reaches from a wide angle of 24mm all the way to 600mm without any real optical compromises. The high-quality video continues to be a big draw, and barring some ongoing UI and customization concerns, ergonomic updates have made the camera more comfortable to use in the real world.”

RX10m3 store links at [shopcountry 48252]

P.S.: Apple reelased the digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 6.20 which adds support for the RX0III

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