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Update on the Venus Tilt Shift rumor: I’ts and adapter and not a lens!


Image of the Laowa 12mm lens which will be available shortly for both A and E-mount folks.

I got an important info about the rumored new TIlt Shift lens from Venus Optics. I have been told this is not a “lens” but a “Tilt Shift adapter” you can fit on the A or E-mount Laowa 12mm f/2.8 lens. The 12mm lens and the adapter project will be launched on Kickstarter soon.

UPDATE: An anonymous source (thanks!) sent me more info: “The Laowa 12/2.8 will be transformed into an E-mount 17mm F4 tilt-shift lens, with equivalent 10mm coverage, and the IQ will suffer very little as it is a specialized converter“.

Note: Just for comparison: The [shoplink 49141 ebay]Canon TS-E lenses[/shoplink] are quite expensive. But I expect the Venus adapter to be priced lower than those. Here is a video showing how the Canon TS-E lenses do work:


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