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Sony says it will take time to see the A7sIII but it will go beyond the customers expectations!


Cinema5D interviewed Sony Senior Manager Yutaka Iwatsuki. And there are two important take aways about the future Sony A7sIII:

1) Mr. Yutaka said that “for time frame, it may require longer than you probably imagine”
2) This long waiting time is necessary because Sony wants to “go beyond the customers expectations”
3) 8K is not important by 2020 …but in the longer term it will be important
4) There are still a lot of things to do with Full Frame and APS-C before to think about moving Medium Format

Very interesting! This also underlines once more that the next camera Sony will announce will be the new High End APS-C camera model. It also makes sense for Sony to not hurry because the Panasonic S1-S1R camera with 4k60 will be on market by March only.

What’s your opinion on what Sony said in this interview?

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