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Sony scores a +14,5% in camera value sales in Japan. Dramatic drop for Nikon and Olympus!


BCNretail published the market shares data between April 2018 to March 2019.

Canon did hold 37.3% of the overall camera market shares (fixed lens plus system cameras)
Nikon did hold 26,7% of the overall camera market shares
Sony did hold 13,1% of the overall camera market shares
Olympus did hold 6% of the overall camera market shares
Ricoh did hold 5.8% of the overall camera market shares

Compared to the previous year:

Canon sold -1,3% cameras (units of sales)
Nikon sold -15% cameras
Sony sold -6,6% cameras
Olympus sold -13,8% cameras
Fuji sold +19,4% cameras

But the story changes if you consider the overall value of the camera sales. Sonny mostly sells high-end cameras and that’s where you see their big leap forward. So while in terms of units Sony had a -6,6% of sales they actually made more money than the previous year:

Canon camera sales value dropped -11,4%
Nikon camera sales value dropped -28,5%
Sony camera sales value increased +14,5%
Olympus camera sales value dropped -21,3%
Fuji camera sales value increased +0,6%

Sony is clearly focusing on the market with the higher profit margin and this strategy is clearly paying off! Nikon and Olympus had a really dramatic drop in sales value. If that trend continues it will be a big trouble for both of them…

via Digicameinfo

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