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Sony Tidbits…


DEO Contax G – Sony E AF adapter Mk III a6000 AF test

Imaging Resource posts RX100 III Gallery.
Canon FD 4/300 L reviewed on the A7 at Phillipreeve.
DCfever posted an early A7s image test.
Sony RX100 III sample gallery images: Small in the pocket, Big on the trail (Imaging Resource).
A7s test at DC.Fever.
A6000 is the best mirrorless camera for SonyAlphaLab.

Maarten:Here’s my video review of the A6000 with the SEL1670Z and the Zeiss Touit 12mm. Lots of great photos from Ottawa’s Tulip Festival and detailed visual demos of features.

Massimiliano:it’s my pleasure to invite you to my upcoming exhibition at Gallery Imagineo in Paris where I’ll be showcasing Oculus Asini in a collective show named “S”. More info here:

Tomer:I would like to share with you the best two weeks of my life. It was a combination of of a great location (NY), great camera and equipment and a seven month pregnant amazing wife. For years I have been using Sony cameras and a year ago I’ve decided to “switch camps” and go with Nikon’s DSLR. Short while after I moved to Nikon, the passion of spontaneously taking the camera and take photos simply faded, it was not as fun as it used to and I really felt bad about that. After a year of long and hard work, I have decided to do a vacation together with my wife in NY. I have visited all over Europe but never been to the states. I timed the trip to the launch of SONY A7 and sold my Nikon camera along with all other equipment, wanted to do a fresh start, who knows, maybe the passion will come back with the A7. This meant that I flew to NY without a camera, something I would never do because taking photos is one of the most important parts of my every day life. I remember the fear I had of being in NY, the place I always wanted to explore without a camera or worse, being with a camera and equipment I have no idea on operating, did I do the right move? First photo I did was with the Iphone, it was a photo of “We’ve landed and we are safe” for family and friends. The hotel informed us that we have to wait 5 hours for check in, I left my wonderful seven month wife in the lobby after 16 hours of flight (Tel Aviv to New York City) so she can rest and i ran to B&H to get my hands on the A7 with 20% battery on my phone and google maps…
2 hours later and 3 hours for the check in, I studied the camera and its features as much as I possible could because this was the only free time I had for it, afterwards my wife’s vacation starts and I have to focus on her.
So, here it goes, these are the photos I’ve took with the best camera I’ve ever held in my life while traveling with the woman I love in the greatest city on earth. If you like my post you can see some of the picture in”

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