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Sony Tidbits…


MOONLIT – Kiting from Dusk till Dawn
(A7s) from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

New A7 Mirrorless Camera Custom Finder Kit by Hoodman USA.
Sony FE 55 1.8 ZA review by Roger Marc.
Article about sports photographers who use mirrorless systems (Mirrorlessons).
Why The Faster Lightroom 6 Might Not Be Faster (SonyMirrorlessPro).
Image Sensor Market Shares (Image Sensor World).
A Post-DSLR World? 5 Thoughts After 5 Months of Mirrorless Shooting (Mikeonthestreet).
TRP Camera Straps (Tyson Robichaud).

Richard:People have had problems finding Lightroom 6 stand alone so I wrote a quick blog about it:

Cuneyt:16min time lapse movie. All movie filmed with  #sony a99,a7r,F55.

Azham:I just want to share some real world photos of Sony FE 35mmF1.4 during a Sony workshop few weeks ago.

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