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Sony Tidbits…


Sony a7S underwater macro footage by Kay Burn on

Sony A7II first impression review at Ilovehatephoto.
Legacy and ALT Lenses (SonyAlphaForum).
An Introduction to the Wide World of Lens Adapters for Video Production (BHphoto).
The 28mm FE is a very good lens with a “distortion compromise” (Diglloyd).
Great image smaples by Thai photographer Gift of Light on Pantip.
Invest in FE lenses (SonyAlphaForum).
Zeiss 24-70mm lens patent from Sony at Freepatentsonline.

Mick: “Hi. I’m a pro photographer. I’d describe myself as a working stiff. Not famous or rich but I make a living from it shooting mostly industrial and corporate photography. I used to use Canon exclusively until about a year ago and now I am using only Sony gear. I have written a blog entry about it though it’s mostly a lens focused article rather than camera focused I thought you and your readier might be interested:

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