Sony Tidbits…


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Andre:Completely shot on the Sony FS700.

Sean:I just saw a sponsored ad on Facebook for an article in The Verge about the Co-founders of VSCO and I noticed that one uses a Rollei TLR and the other uses a Sony A7. I remember when vsco first came out I sent them email after email asking them to support Sony cameras and it took them forever to do it. So it’s truly a sign of the A7 series’ popularity that the guy running the company now uses one.

Jeffrey:Filmed Bar11’s infamous Summer Solstice Rain Party in Pittsburgh, PA last week with my a7S in it’s brand new Meikon waterproof housing.  They turn on sprinklers, and it rains INSIDE the bar all night so we got soaked, but the waterproofing worked great and (of course) the camera performed brilliantly in the low light.  Watch in HD for maximum enjoyment.  Hope you like it!

Peter:Sharing this video/timelapse that I shot in Tasmania with the Sony A7S and 16-35mm FE.  Now is probably a good time to grab bargains on used A7S at half the price of a new Sony A7R ii.

Alex:It is a sedcard video i made for a friend and i shot it exclusively on my a6000 and a7.