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Sigma MC-11 super test! 24 Canon fit lenses tested

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Brian Matiash travelled to Cuba with three of our ZEISS Loxia and Batis lenses (Zeiss Blog).

To write a guest post on SAR follow the instructions on that page. Thanks!

Shafiur: I thought you might be interested to know that in a recent sensitive project in northern Kenya for a Danish media organisation, I, as the photojournalist and documentary maker, was instructed to bring only “tourist type and small” cameras. This was arising out of concerns of being stopped at the airport and because the pastoralist peoples we were going to be speaking to were not comfortable with cameras at all. And so, believe it or not, my main stills camera was the Sony RX100 iv. The 40 page report has just come out slating the development project’s legality and impact on the local people. I thought your readers might want to see a few photos taken with this amazing pocket camera.

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