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How to get 3.5mm microphone audio-in on the Sony NEX-5

Sony news and reviews roundup:
Sony shows off new Sony 4K cameras & more 4K content is on the way (Sony Blog).
Sony SEL 1018 f4 OSS + Sony NEX 7 Rolling Review Part I (VeryBigLobo).
RX100 test at Gizmag.
Sony A99 test at (translation here).
Fotodiox WonderBurst NEX and WonderBurst HSS8000 (Photographyblog).

SAR readers mails and work:
Ian:I have been using a Sony Nex-5N and Sony Nex-7 to capture landscape images in Sydney, Australia. Check out my gallery on Flickriver. Most shots were taken using Canon 10-22mm and 17-55mm lenses using a Metabones adapter:
Michael:Sony action cam test at
Eric:Gopro hero3 BLACK vs sony action cam on Youtube.
Andreas:I tried a year ago various old Nikon F lenses on the Nex 5N, Olympus E-P3 and Canon 5D2. Maybe the results are interesting for your site.
I prefer to use the old lenses to the new ones, as some errors of the optics can be used creatively.
The peaking-function of the Nex is best in Evils to focus manually. I tried children’s basketball with the Nex and it worked:
I felt never happy with the operation of the Nex 5n, opposite to the image results, the Nex-6 was just right. The Nex-7 was due to their problems with the wide angles as well as 24MP never an option. For professional jobs I have a Canon system, for family, hiking and mountain biking tours the E-P3 and E-M5 and for gimmicks with adapted lenses the Nex-6.
From the old Nikkor-lenses remained the “Berg&Tal” lenses. Here is a comparison with the Olympus E-M5 and mft fixed focal lengths (as well as some comparison with the Sony RX100):
Here are some of the Nex-images collected together, mixed with some of the 5D Mark 2:
Juang:I wrote some technical materials relative to alpha camera and post those on Sony-DSLR-Family Taiwan.
The first topic discussed the dynamic range performance introduced by iso-control vs. analog-front-end design of DSLR and post it here:
The 2nd one discuss the OVF vs EVF on resolution issue and post it here :
I am sorry the materials were written in Chinese and it is not convenient to the reader of the other country even thru Google translation. But it still can give the reader some clear idea on the designi concept of DSLR.
Stefan:Microsoft released an update for the Camera Code Pack for Windows 8 and Windows RT: New supported models are: Sony: Alpha NEX-7, Alpha NEX-C3, Alpha SLT-A33, Alpha SLT-A35, Alpha SLT-A57, Alpha SLT-A65V, Alpha SLT-A77V
Dan:I”ve been following Sony Alpha Rumors for about a year now and it was instrumental in helping me choose a Sony NEX 5N as my first “real” camera.  I’ve been posting images, my daily 365 project and thoughts on gear on my personal site ever since. Would love it you stopped by to take a look.
Troy:Music video shot last night on the Sony A99 in a dim garage, no special lighting … powerful little camera …
Ian:Some on facebook…also some 4×5 here Everything here is Sony dig. a700 a850 I am going to update my arch site this weekend
Darren:I used my A99 to shoot A99 and made some funny photos here. I will choose 2 of the photos to make New Year’s cards and send those to Mr. Suzuki Tomoyuki. Just for fun. Because I promised him to buy 2 set if he can develop FF DSLT.

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