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Sony TidBits


Sony Alpha 58 review by DigitalCameraWorld.

Dumping Nikon for Sony at Stuckincustoms.
SEL 35mm f/1.8 review at Danhawk.
Sony 50mm f/1.4 review by Ken Rockwell.
Sony a99+grip+flash kit and a65 are sold this week at nice prices (EUR 2900 and  499 respectively) in Finland at
Sony A58 review at Photographyblog.
The Sony RX100 at Dublin Zoo (DigitalPhotographySchool).
Sony HVL-F20AM Flash tested by Ken Rockwell.
The Olympus OM-D vs Sony NEX 7 – Is Mirrorless More, or Less?  Blogarithms
Sony SEL-20F28 review at KurtMunger.


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