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Sony A7R Review with Canon EF lenses – First Impressions

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A3000 review at ThePhoBlographer.
A5000 test at Trustedreviews and ePhotozine.
That could be the Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 A-mount lens patent (
New phase detection patent (
A7 preview at Bestmirrorlesscamerareviews.
Second season starts at the ‘Year of the Alpha – 52 weeks of Sony Alpha Photography. Follow 10 weeks of Sony photography with Lensbaby products (and don’t forget to check earlier pictures of season one as well).
Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS lens review at DxOmark.
RX10 is the digital camera of the year for Engadget.
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Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 lens review at Focus Numerique.

Iliah:The current version of RawDigger includes the tool that help to visualize any areas where artifacts may result from lossy compression used in ARW2 files.
From the changelog,
Preferences – Data Processing – Sony ARW2 processing options
Applies only to processing of Sony cRAW format Settings:
• None (standard processing) – standard processing
• Only base pixels – In each 16-byte block, only pixels that have exact values are unpacked. The values of other pixels are set to zero.
• Only delta pixels – In each 16-byte block, only the pixels that are coded as deltas from the minimum value in the block are unpacked. The base value (minimum in the block) is added to the result.
• Delta pixels relative to zero – same as above but the base value is not added. This mode helps to locate compression artifacts.

Joe:I’ve finished my second (well, third actually) article on the A7R shutter shake issue, which details the new things I’ve learned, with help from several friends and other investigators, and is quite explicit in explaining it. Some important illustrations too.
It looks, though I don’t have in hand yet (it will take two more months to get) the finished deadweight (nor the two new Sony zooms, one coming in two days, according to the latest statements by Sony’s warehouse in Carson, CA, the 24-70 will ship tomorrow, it’s just the new orders that are stated as late February), that… my setup will do all that I would hope, out to 200 mm.
We’ll see, but it’s looking good. The results are thrilling when everything comes together.

Massimo: “Using the A7R with the 17TSE and a proper RAW developer – ACR vs Iridient Developer.

Anonymous:Good morning from spain Andrea, a little piece 1’ with Sony RX10, retrozoom included:

Brandon:I made this artistic short film about the Dubai shipyard workers, shot on Rx100mkII. Heavy utilization of slow motion, plus the articulated screen for low angles.

Phil:I bought the Sony alpha 7 full frame camera with the purpose of shooting real time video of low light things like aurora borealis, fireflies etc
My first trip to shoot the northern lights in Iceland returned some very spectacular footage which has been blogged about on numerous sites. A lot of people have said it’s the best they have ever seen. A lot of northern lights footage is filmed with time lapse stills, but now with large sensors it possible to film real time video which is what you see in my footage Here Phil Plaiit, “the Bad astronomer” describes the footage (video is embedded)
Hope you like, feel free to mention on you sight. If you do let me know by hitting reply to all.

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