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Sony TidBits (Zeiss 50mm test + A55 user report)


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A friend just sent us the following A55 + new lens user report:
I had yesterday the A55, the CZ 24mm f2.0, the 35mm f1.8 DT and the 85mm f2.8 in my hands.

Sony Alpha A55(v?) SLT

WOW. …I never was a good ol´ pal of EVF, but this EVF is
1. Gooood
2. You can display almost everything (I didn´t have the chance to test every little thing…but)…
You don´t only have the possibility of displaying this awesome cool virtual horizon (electronic level/attitude display), you also see in real time which AF sensors are working.

The most silly thing…I was taking pictures and wanted to change the ISO…

Suprise, it was at ISO 3200 and I didn´t notice (at least on the A55´s display)…

I think, it looks like the ISO 1250-1600 of the A700 v4.
(More or less).

I didn´t got the time to test other (higher) ISOs.

I will send you some other pictures by request.

Even more was I astonished by the AF response.

I was trying to photograph a pretty woman and had accidentaly the burst mode on…

I took one shot and in a freaction of second a guy walked in my frame (of course, the 2 shot wasn´t showing the nice lady). The guy WAS SHARP.
This was all in a VERY dark ambience and it occurred in a feaction of second. The guy was as sharp as the lady before (just, he was walking, maybe he is a little blurred).

I was amazed! AMAZED! =)

It is possible that I can send some more infos shortly (next week maybe).
I will get more time to test it an the A580? (Maybe)

Sadly, I just noticed after I was in “hotel” that I made all the pictures in 16:9 mode. :(

The A580 was there, but as it isn´t officially released (or what do I know ^^) / available after the Photokina, the guy said it was difficult to get a battery in the cam (all lenses & cams where wired and you couldn´t move them really away, the A580 had a really short wire ;-D )

But I will hopefully get that cam shortly ;-)

Well… I hope this is enough for the moment.

I will try to send more infos if I have another chance, but as I have to travel, I don´t know if I will have the time till I get home…

Next page, ;-)

CZ 24mm f2.0
I had this one only for a few moments (a couple of minutes), but I didn´t test it all too much ;-)
It´s a heavy glass monster, very nice built and the IQ is rather good (It was a very dark room & I knew by the time, that I will get the chance to test it again shortly)

35mm f1.8 DT
I had this one also only for a few moments.
Build quality of the 50mm f1.8 DT

85mm f2.8
A buy, you won´t regret.
(SHARP if you don´t need f1.4)
Only the grip for manual focusing wasn´t tooooooo great, you have to watch out where your fingers are ;-).

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