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Sony will announce a new ZV1 successor by end of May! New lenses in June and new A6700 in early July?


A trusted source told me that Sony will have a product announcement by end of May. We will get the new ZV1 successor. So this isn’t really the camera we were all waiting for. But hold on with me, there will be more Sony product announcements in June/July! We will get new lenses and after that also the A6700 in early July.

One other trusted source told me that Sony actually anticipated some product announcements. He didn’t share more details but it may means that the original early July announcement for the A6700 might be anticipated. I also got some possible A6700 specs I will post soon. Stay tuned folks, don’t despair, many great lenses and cameras will be announced in June/July and, September/October ;)

More details in my last video:

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