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Sony will soon announce the new A7cII and new A7cR cameras!


Two sources confirmed that Sony will very soon announce two new cameras: The Sony A7cII and the Sony A7cR. The A7cR will be the very first high resolution camera in the A7c lineup. The trusted sources told me announcement should happen within the next 2 months.

I got no 100% confirmed specs but a new source told me the Sony A7cII has the 33MP sensor from the A7IV and the A7cR has the 61MP sensor from the A7rV. Both cameras should implement the new AI features and the usual expected improvements like new menu, better autofocus and so forth.  I have no info about the resolution of the EVF (which I hope to be the same of the A7rV).

Hope to get soon more info about both cameras, Stay tuned!

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