Sonys future products: On the verge of a big change?


Working on rumors never has been easy. But now it’s getting even more difficult to predict Sony’s roadmap. As I have learned from my sources Sony is on the verge of major changes in their camera business strategy. The financial crisis forces them to re-think the products roadmap (and as I will tell you later this is actually a good news). Usually companies do plan 2-3 years in advance. But from what I am hearing Sony is about to decide to speed up the transition to a “full mirrorless roadmap“. In concrete this means that some of the cameras and lenses that have been planed for a 2013 release may will NOT introduced. And some that have been planed for a 2014 release may come earlier.

Confused? Don’t worry. This is just to say that it will be difficult for us to be reliable on rumors about cameras coming in 6-12 months because the management is currently discussing the release (or not release) of some of these products.

I am now working (and waiting) to get some reliable details about the changing roadmap. But one thing I can tell. This is a good news! Sony definitely wants to challenge Nikon and Canon…that’s their plan! But to do so they have to clearly focus on producing unique products that are unmatched or not even available in the Canon and Nikon palette. And do not make any mistake, both E and A mount lines will be developed and reinforced. But if the roadmap change will come the reinforcement will be more “revolutionary” than “evolutionary”.

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P.S.: Sorry for my English. It’s difficult to express sensible information in a non native language. Would love to explain such difficult stuff in German :)
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