VG900 gets in the line of fire…


Sony NEX-VG900 Sample Movie from soul_vid on Vimeo.

EosHD posted that shootout comparing many cameras cameras including the Sony NEX VG-900. But he is very harsh about the Sony: “The reason people like full frame sensors is for the image quality not the spec sheet. I really do feel it is full frame for the sake of it here with no real advantages for video especially when the image from the 5D Mark III, Nikon D800 and much cheaper D600 is so much better. What is bizarre is that the Nikon’s have Sony sensors and yet do better video than Sony’s own cameras.

And SAR reader Francesco shows in a video the difference between the two LA-EA2 and LA-EA3 adapters (here on youtube). The LA-EA2 gives you full electronic support but doesn’t cover the full 35mm image circle. The LA-EA3 covers the full Full frame area but it doesn’t support autofocus with SIGMA lenses (and face detection also doesn’t work of course).

Guys…what do you think about these findings?