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(SR3) Soon to be announced new E-mount cameras have on sensor stabilization?


Right before the CP+ show Sony will announce the new NEX-6/7 successor (price 800 Euro). And well, there is some hope the new E-Mount camera(s) will have on sensor stabilization! And actually it’s quite funny to notice that the info comes straight from Sony: Just see the update page on the APS-C non OSS lenses like the Zeiss 24mm at Sony Germany (Click here), Sony UK (Click here), Sony France (Click here), Sony Italy (Click here), Sony Holland (Click here). All non OSS E-mount lenses added the info that E-mount cameras now have on sensor stabilization!

UPDATE: You will notice that the Sony EU sites contain errors and this is likely because they are working on it in these days. Still, what doesn’t look like an error is that design of a E-mount camera with on sensor stabilization. So take everything with a grain of salt for now, but to me the image is pretty clear. They will likely change the text and specs. But the image? Hmmm…

A couple of months ago sources told me that Sony was working with Olympus to implement their world class leading(!) image stabilization. What I dont’ know yet is if the soon t be announced new generation of E-mount cameras will feature the three axis stabilization of the E-M10 (announced yesterday and specs here at Amazon) or the superb 5 axis stabilization of the E-M1 (specs here).

P.S.: I had a dream. 5axis stabilization the next generation of Full Frame E-mount cameras. That would make my day!

P.P.S.: It’s hard to rate a rumor based on Sony pages itself. That’s why it has the average SR3 ranking :)

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