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Speculating about the possible A7sIII specs


On October 18 (+1 or -1 day) Sony will announce a new camera. Of that I am 1000% sure. And the chances are good that this might be the new A7sIII. All we know from a reliable source is that it has the same A9 PDAF. All the rest is speculation for now.

Dominik Kutrowski from our Sony A7sIII facebook group shared this:

I was on a sony alpha day this weekend. Some employees from Sony were present. One of them told me, that there are rumors about a Sony a9s, that combines the low light caps of the Sony a7s II with the incredible sensor of the Sony a9. There could be also features like 4k60p and a complete new gamma profile. He said that he can’t confirm that properly, but that it’s very possible.

If Dominik info is correct (which we obviously cannot take for granted) this sounds like an A9 camera trimmed for video. If true I hope Sony improved the A9: For example real advanced touchscreen features, two FAST SD card slots, articulating screen and so on.

Anyway, that’s just speculation. What are you hoping to see on the new A7sIII?

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