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(SR4) UPDATED: Sony A7sIII (or A9s). Is it a Full Frame GH5 killer?


Just a rendering of the possible A9s (but it could be named A7sIII)

UPDATE: Sony teased an “exciting camera launch” but we now learned this is for a new camcorder and not an new A7sIII.

Original rumor before the update:

The chances are increasing that we will get a new A7sIII (or A9s). This is the info I just got from three sources:

Source 1 (this was the source whom told me correctly there would be a new RX camera on September 12):

“I heard a7s will have pdaf like the a9”

Source 2 (the source who shared correct announcement date of Sept 12 but was mistaken on the two camera announcement. But he was right many times before):

“After last RX announcement I am not 100% sure about anything, but I am pretty sure that video camera will be first like you wrote today. a9s or a7s3. And that is the surprise I wrote about before last announcement (because your other sources claimed it will be a7 III). Both are in plans but like I said – video camera should be first, a7 III will rather be announced in Q1 2018. And yes, it will be Full Frame GH5 killer!”

Source 3 wrote:

“Sony will announce ILCE7S3 at media in action NAB show.”

I hope to get a few specifics the upcoming hours. But I think we finally know what the “surprise camera” is that we rumored back in September and wasn’t announced along the RX10IV. Join our A7sIII group to further discuss news on this camera:

I have no info if the new 135mm and 400mm FE lenses will be announced at the same event or maybe on another press event in November. Still a bit disappointed to hear the a7III is shipping in Q1. But it seems Sony decided to use their marketing and production resources to go after the Panasonic GH5 first.

Rumor ranking:
I am 100% sure Sony will announce one camera at or around October 18
I am 75% sure this is a new FF E-mount camera and 75% sure this is the A7sIII (or A9s)

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