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(SR5) 100% sure Sony will announce a new camera around October 18. Is it a new A7sIII ???


I am now 100% sure that Sony will announce a new camera right at the Nab showshow. We can expect the announcement to happen around October 18… (+/- 1 day).

While I still have no SR5 rumor about what kind of camera we will get ….I got these two new information you have to take with a grain of salt:

1) Sony A7III to ship in early 2018 (announcement date uncertain). Still rumored to be a 24MP camera with 6fps (mechanical), touchscreen, 4k 30fps and up to 200.000 ISO.

2) The surprise camera we rumored about days ago is the new A7sIII. One source says that this camera is coming at Nabshow. If (big if!) this source is right it probably means Sony wanted to first release a proper GH5 competitor and maybe that’s why the A7III is coming in early 2018 only?
The source also said the features are “big” and the price is “big” too.

The NABshow “Media in action” is something different than the PhotoPlus show which starts on October 25. The Nabshow would be an ideal place for a new A7sIII announcement.

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One more thing about SR5 Lens rumors: My trusted sources who shared all correct lens info the past 12 months still say the 135mm and 400m FE lenses (but announcement date unclear). For the record those are the rumors they shared previously and proved to be correct (links to the rumor article):
Sony A9.
100-400mm FE.
85mm FE.
100mm STF.
16-35mm GM
135mm Batis

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