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Sports Photography test: A99II vs D5 & 1DX Mark II


Sport Photographer Davey Wilson (article at SLRlounge) tested the [shoplink 54828]new Sony A99II[/shoplink] and compared it with the “classic” sports professional tools like the Nikon D5 and Canon 1DX Mark II. The conclusion is:

The Sony A99ii has been a camera we’ve been excited about since PhotoPlus last fall. On paper, it’s a veritable powerful taking the best of mirrorless and DSLR’s and compressing those features into a compact SLR-style body. It’s not perfect, no camera is, but it’s nice to see a company like Sony listening to its longtime users and delivering a high-resolution performance driven camera that actually appears to be as advertised.

Sony A99II at [shopcountry 54828].

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